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Adding YgreneWorks to your city or county's environmental program can potentially help create more local jobs, stimulate the local economy, achieve mandated CO2 reduction targets—and help your constituents save energy and lower their utility bills.

Our experienced financial experts, top operational and funding teams and locally connected area managers are focused on providing best-in-class customer protections and service. Together, we're committed to delivering an effective PACE program that can help generate measurable results—and more choice in PACE financing—for your community.

Economic Stimulus

Ygrene can help achieve the triple bottom line by creating jobs, building the local economy and reducing carbon impact.

Wide Range of Projects

Property owners can finance hundreds of different energy efficiency and water conservation improvements.

Increased Business

An effective PACE program can dramatically increase business for home improvement contractors.

Consumer Protection

All contractors must be legally licensed, bonded and insured by the State of California, meet Ygrene training and certification requirements, and abide by a strict Contractor Code of Conduct policy. All improvements require local permits and property owners must approve work before contractors will be paid.

Long-Term Financing

Payments for financing are at affordable fixed rates over five- to-30 year terms, not to exceed the useful life of the improvement. Improvements are incorporated into and repaid as part of property taxes and may transfer with the property upon sale1.

Training and Certification

Ygrene provides contractors with all the necessary training to effectively represent PACE financing to property owners. Once training is complete, contractors become certified to participate in the Program.

Zero Cost

Because Ygrene pays for all costs including district implementation, staffing and marketing, and provides all project funding, there is zero cost to local governments for administering the Program.

Based on Home Equity

Program eligibility is based on available equity in the property, among other factors, and not on credit score, proof of employment, income or financial statements2.

Easy Project Management

Ygrene’s software tools allow contractors to easily manage PACE improvement projects, approvals and funding requests.

Dedicated Team

Ygrene fully staffs all of our programs with local account managers, a dedicated government liaison, centralized customer service reps, underwriters and other professionals.

No Upfront Payments

Application and preapproval decisions happen in 15-30 minutes or less. There are no hidden fees or upfront payments.

Ready Funding

Ygrene’s fully-funded district ensures that project payment is quick and convenient.

1YgreneWorks payments are made through property taxes which are legally transferable upon sale; however, mortgage lenders may require full repayment of the special tax upon sale or refinance. 2While Ygrene does not use property owners' credit score as a factor in determining eligibility for financing, Ygrene does pull a credit report to confirm certain underwriting criteria.

Consumer Protections

Contractor verification

Permit verification

PACE project compliance

California Consumer Protections
Florida Consumer Protections

Contractor Certification

Local support

Free training

Collateral material support

Project estimator software

Community Support

Contractor training

Government staff support

Dispute resolution

Call center hotline

Extended hours support

"Ygrene's program makes it possible and affordable for property owners to access funds to upgrade buildings for hurricane protection and energy efficiency. With insurance and utility costs rising, I am proud that we have been able to make this program a reality and the positive impact it will have on our community."

Mayor Tomás Regalado, Miami, FL

"Chula Vista is determined to protect the community’s high quality of life and meet our future energy needs through policies that promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. We are proud to be the first city in the region to offer our own locally tailored PACE financing as yet another step in implementing our Climate Action Plan."

Deputy Mayor Pamela Bensoussan, Chula Vista, CA