• Multifamily

    Property owners benefit from the ability to offset costs for efficiency improvements with increased market rents while increasing high-demand properties’ quality and value.

    • 5+ unit housing
  • Retail

    Reduce operating costs while providing attractive tenant lease opportunities or owner use benefits from higher net operating income (NOI).

    • Shopping centers
    • Restaurants
    • Grocery stores
    • Hotel/Motels
    • Convenient stores
    • Auto dealerships
  • Office

    No personal guarantees, covenant restrictions or annual reporting, which eliminates the risk of bank curtailments for periods of reduced occupancy. 

    • Class A-D 
    • Professional
    • Office flex
    • Educational
    • Private education
    • Condominiums
  • Mixed use

    Alternative financing sources are limited for the often volatile cash flows on mixed use properties due to shorter term leases and temporary tenants. No cash flow analysis or ownership guarantees are required with our financing.  

    • Unique properties
  • More

    Apply tenant improvement strategy with energy efficiency to leasing opportunities to suit which improves cash flow while increasing market value.

    • Warehouse
    • Light industrial
    • Special purposes
    • Religious facilities
    • Mills
    • Agricultural


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"The YgreneWorks program could not have been easier! I was able to do the whole thing while out of the country and have peace of mind knowing that the energy improvements made to my rental property make it more reliable, comfortable, and attractive to potential tenants."

Lucille Z, Sacramento, CA

"Using Ygrene’s PACE financing for my home’s solar panels has been a great success. The whole process went through without a hitch. The contractor did all of the work with the required permits and didn’t get paid until the work was done and I signed off. Not only is my house producing 100% renewable energy, my energy bills went from $200-$300 per month to $9.37. I encourage all municipalities to join the Ygrene program and make this type of financing available to their residents as a means to a more sustainable and resilient future."

Residential Property Owner Vince Lago City of Coral Gables Commissioner