From California to Florida
How we became the company that…

  • Created 8,000 local jobs.
  • Invested 1.34 billion dollars into local economies.
  • Drove 644,000 Mtons reduction in
    greenhouse gasses.


About Ygrene

Ygrene Energy Fund is a national leader in residential and commercial clean energy financing. Founded in 2010, Ygrene’s award-winning, privately funded Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program is revolutionizing the home improvement industry, making it easier for property owners to invest in their futures and a healthier environment. Ygrene is delivering greater choice for home and business owners by providing accessible and affordable financing for energy efficiency, renewables, water conservation, storm protection and seismic upgrades. Recognized as one of the fastest growing asset classes in the country, PACE has proven to be a successful tool for supporting public policy initiatives, all without the use of public tax dollars or credits. To date, Ygrene has provided over $1 billion of private capital to more than 400 local communities, creating thousands of jobs and investing millions into local economies across the U.S.

Our Story Starts Here

We started a mission: To make energy-smart home and building improvements easy, accessible, and affordable for every property owner. We believe government, business, and individuals can come together to make that happen.

In the Spring of 2006, Dennis Hunter co-founded and organized a four-bank lending system called Green Energy Loan (GEL) for the purpose of facilitating financing that would enable homeowners to retrofit their homes to reduce carbon emissions. This project led, in part, to the inception of Sonoma County’s PACE Program (“SCEIP”). In response to the success of SCEIP, Mr. Hunter realized the need for a more efficient administrative and financial model. GEL quickly added software development personnel, began work on the web tools needed to underpin a fully scaled-up national PACE program and recruited a management team to propagate the business throughout the country.

The team also refined the business model and created marketing plans, resulting in the formal founding of Ygrene Energy Fund. Through the summer and fall of 2010, Ygrene entered into discussions with multiple local banks to secure the strong financial partnerships that provide the backbone for Ygrene’s fully funded model. With the combination of a virtually limitless source of capital, a wealth of financial expertise and strong relationships with industry leaders, Ygrene is now in a position to offer turnkey Clean Energy Financing District setup, administration and financing throughout the U.S.